LEDWALL - Display Led

Magic Stage” series LED display, which is the world's first led display screen with multi-use and multi-style, are the best seller launched by YES TECH which has 15 years of manufacturing & researching for the LED display. This product adopts the materials of Polymer Nanotechnology, realizing high precision and seamless connection. indoor types 2,84 mm


LED display with multi-use : 

“Magic Stage” series first promote its concept for universal usage, that one type could realize multi-functional effect. This is the world’s first LED display with multi-use.  The smallest pixel pitch could be only 3.9mm with clear and delicate image, which can meet all requirements in stage event.

Use as sky backdrop curtain

Adopting steel structure connector, and combining the special structure design of Magic Stage, curved shape within ±15° and light & thin features, Magic Stage can realize more creative curtain shapes.

Use as dance floor

Single cabinet can stand over 300 KG, together with tempered glass, realizing a broader viewing angle.  Adding tempered glass on screen surface, without any bottom support. LED resolution reaches 65536 dots/㎡, with 160°viewing angle.

Use as stadium screen

Adopting soft mask can protect the screen effectively when it gets impacted. And the top of the screen adopts soft cushion, which can protect the athletes when they collide with screen accidentally. Meanwhile, the bracket can be adjusted to ensure the best viewing angle. Soft mask design ensures the safety buffer of player and display. Fixing with universal steel structure connector.

One Screen with Various Creative Shapes:

Unique structure design with multi-hole connecting places and easy-operating connectors can realize multiple creative shapes by vertical & horizontal dislocation installation and within ±15° curve installation.