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Audio systems

We realize ground-staked and suspended audio systems for events of any size (small conferences, conventions and major events). We design any sound system by using audio amplification and registration systems of the major leading brands, by paying always the utmost attention to the technical as well as aesthetic and visual characteristics of the locations, with particular reference to on-site inspections.

We have at disposal the most advanced portable solutions, easy to transport and set up, with an elegant design for particularly prestigious places and events. All of our systems ensure maximum flexibility, outstanding tonal quality and wide and uniform sound coverage throughout the entire listening area.

Simultaneous interpretation

We are able to offer the most innovative digital simultaneous interpretation systems with translation up to 32 languages simultaneously, with an  hi-fi audio quality and booths for interpreters in compliance with the current ISO/AIIC international legislation. In support of our customers we offer the best Bosch technology for simultaneous interpretation. The Digital Congress Network (DCN) Next generation is an innovative solution for the management of digital conferences and a powerful and intuitive tool to facilitate the interpreter’s job.

The system ensures the necessary flexibility in terms of cabling (each added device is automatically recognized as it is connected) and configuration (easy unit addition or subtraction); any last-minute changes can be easily managed with complete customer satisfaction and maximum success of the event. DCN Next Generation has 31 interpretation channels selectable via built-in channel selectors in the single units of easy and intuitive use, plus the original floor language. Built-in acoustic audible beeps and tactile indicators provide orientation to visually handicapped interpreters.

Conference Systems

We use microphone systems, on reservation, with advanced features.

Among the others, Bosch Digital Congress Network (DCN) Next generation is a system with a proven reliability, groundbreaking design, high intelligibility, flexible interface for interfacing with other devices and easy system expansion with wired and wireless units. The DCN System with  AutoDome is also optimized with the installation of AutoDome video cameras showing the current speaker on screen upon the opening of the single microphones.

Thanks to our advanced systems and modular software we are able to guarantee the utmost efficiency and productivity of any meetings by handling effortlessly speaking and listening for a full satisfaction of everyone in the conference sector.