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Interactive services

Electronic voting

The use of the electronic voting function allows to obtain the utmost efficiency in those situations requiring an involvement of the event attendees. Our systems are endowed with standard voting functions but can be easily implemented by means of dedicated software including a number of options; they guarantee vote secrecy and prompt data processing and availability and are easy to use also in large spaces. The systems are equipped with user identification systems via a unique ID that is transmitted and associated with each vote expressed, and can be easily changed either via  software or directly from the voting devices.

Attendance monitoring system

Through partnerships with companies specialize in attendance monitoring systems within  major events, we are able to offer a full range of services for attendance monitoring and management:
Attendance check and management according to the different settable areas or time bands; monitoring of the event attendee presence through incoming and outgoing access control with calculation of the residence time also for ECM purposes; management of electronic passes to be used for  coffee breaks, dinners, social activities, material collection, gadgets, cloakroom, headphone distribution for simultaneous translation.

We have at disposal portable wireless fast-reading players, hands-free access control systems allowing the control of incoming and outgoing passages even with very high concomitant flows, multifunction stations equipped with touch screens, badge reader and printer for the participant self-management of countless services, such as certificate printing, consultation and visualization of services loaded on the badge, message exchange, internet point, info point.


We offer on demand a system named Teleprompter, allowing the speaker not to look away from the audience. It is a system particularly suitable for speeches at meetings, conventions and congresses, enabling the speaker to visualize the text of his/her intervention without being forced to lower his/her eyes.