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Video and Lights

Lighting systems

The range of services offered by Crazy Bit in the lighting sector is able to satisfy any needs: from engineering consulting and design to the realization of lighting systems. We offer a wide array of standardized solutions allowing us to promptly meet our customers’ various requirements; moreover, we specialize in customization of each project through the study of light scenes, by enriching the scenic environment with big impact elements able to create a unique setting for charming and captivating events.

We use next-generation and best brand products, enabling us to light up any type of environment: congresses, conventions, exhibitions, shows, marriages, parades, parties, product launches and whatever occasion requiring a specific lighting. Our range of products combine traditional lighting systems with some high-visual impact solutions; architectural video projections, 3D projections/ mapping, LED curtains, lighting effects allow to realize custom-made projects tailored to our customers’ needs.

Video projection

We provide video projection and multi-video projection systems for conventions and events. We have at disposal an extensive product line to optimize the visual result and adapt the different solutions to the location setting and environment: LCD, DLP or Full HD Video projectors, monitors, large screens, also tailor-made. We offer a variety of custom graphic designs on the basis of our customers’ requirements and the communicational message to be transmitted, by implementing lightshows and sound effects.

Architectural projections

Through projections of great scenic effect we can light up historical buildings, monuments, churches, theatres, business offices, shops, shopping centres. Every building can be transformed, thus becoming a vehicle of spectacular visual effects.

Thanks to the expertise of our technicians, we are able to realize big projections that transform spaces by exploiting the conformation of building facades and playing with building details. Accurate analyses upon inspection allow to take into consideration the multiple variables related to the event: from the public position to the video projectors positioning. For us each detail is of fundamental importance to obtain breathtaking lighting scenes that ensure the success of the event.


For our customers we offer Ledwall, Videowall and modular screens, also large-sized. The support provided by skilled professionals and the on-site technical assistance service ensure the maximum performance in terms of visual communication of our screens, thus increasing the prestige of any event: congresses, great conventions, sports events, fashion and entertainment. Experience gained over the years gives us the necessary flexibility to respond to the specific demands of each single customer and develop, if need be, custom-made solutions with modular screens even exceeding 35 metres in size.

Video making

Skilled operators guarantee a video making service for whatever type of event, from sports events to private parties, from fashion shows to street demonstrations, from congresses to political-institutional and business events. When the shooting locations are hardly accessible, we have at our disposal portable flight-case solutions and, on the basis of the specific event requirements, the filming process can be configured by means of complementary modules ( VCRs, audio sections, additional monitors, etc.),  enabling the resolution of a variety of problems or needs arising from time to time.

Thanks to our experience within the congressional environment, we are able to professionally manage the use of PCs connected with control consoles for switching between the various sources, should it be necessary to handle the signal to video projectors and monitors. The expertise of our film directors and cameramen is for our customers a guarantee of a service that always comes up to expectations.

Video streaming

We offer our customers professional systems for video conference - both over traditional and digital voices - on-line and deferred streaming, web conference services. According to the different types of connections available, we are able to meet all needs. The video conferencing service allows to create a synchronous interaction integrating audio, video and data among subjects involved in distance communication.

The streaming service enables the transmission of the audio-video track from a main site directly to the final user computer via the Internet. The Web Conference is a professional video communication allowing the sharing of multimedia documents and materials via web among various users. The system enables an audio-video connection between the site where the event is taking place and a virtually unlimited number of viewers from remote locations and schedules the interaction among subjects connected through the audio-video transmission/reception function and the messaging system. The web connection also allows to share and exchange on-line documents among the participants. The Web Conference surely represents an optimal solution for all those situations requiring travel cost containment without sacrificing the opportunity of reaching out a wider audience.