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E-learning platforms for distance education

The development of targeted software enabled us to implement e-learning platforms supporting companies in web education and updating. Platform FAD tool allows to use the internet to optimize the company investments by ensuring cost reduction with respect to traditional residential events. Distance learning via web platforms allows to obtain several benefits: according to specific learning requirements, it is possible to obtain a high-degree of flexibility and customization, in addition to the implementation of multimedia solutions to increase interactivity.

Within the medical field, the product efficacy is guaranteed not only by the opportunity to offer optimized supports for the single activities of each customer, but first of all by the ministerial accreditation within ECM.

Clinical cases

Within the medical education field, we developed a software to manage interactively, through IT supports, a real clinical case. The educational goal of this tool is helping users in a path of analysis and diagnosis of the patients’ clinical picture, by allowing, through diagnostic-therapeutic pathways and group exercises, the updating and acquisition of effective assessment tools.

Thanks to the use of scientific material organized at different decisional levels and operational complexity, the participants have the opportunity to analyse the medical records and identify the patient pathology by selecting the appropriate therapy. The pathway ends with the teacher discussion, enabling the analysis of the selected choices and the check of activities in the various steps proposed, i.e. Anamnesis, Examinations, Diagnosis and Therapy.

Computerized meetings

We implement projects in line with customers’ specific demands for the educational sharing and updating. Thanks to appropriately developed  software and the availability of computerized classrooms with PC workstations promoting data and information sharing, we are able to offer a service enabling users to share and further explore the issues object of the training activity.